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Just in time for valentines day MCMI Records flagship group HYDRA has pulled the gem "Love Is…" out of the vault to share with the world. The subject matter of "Love Is..." is not new, but is the group’s spin on what love of their craft means to them.

Sampling the 1973 hit by MFSB "Love is the Message", Wild Child, the producer of the group, crafts an energetic track that the trio flow effortlessly on.

To further the message, the other two members of HYDRA, GMS & LR Blitzkrieg, have put together The “LOVE IS…Mixtape”, compiling various songs on the love of music, that will be released soon, including many Hip Hop classics as well as a few surprises.

Download for free if you want by entering "0", or gift us any amount you want and show us what "Love Is ..."!


Now why Y'all wanna wake the Giant
Hard heads so Defiant
So much for Keepin it Silent
I'm getting sick and tired of Tyrants,
so now I'm 'bout to open the Hydrant, Duck!!!

You'll never have to ask me to do it
It''s always for the love like the passion of Druids
Who could break it down to the math and prove it?
The Wicked Wild Bastard with acidic Fluid,
Burns right through it

Can you identify the fans from the foolish
Who really vibe to lyrics and dance to the music!?
Me and my fam got our hands on the movement
Advancing the master plan Improving the Blue Print

I love to do it
Here's a preview of the New Shit
never see-through or translucent

An old adage for yo' cabbage,
so don't panic when dope addicts all go frantic,
'cause im dope at it!

A sniff of this ...
A whiff of bliss ...
Then deadly like a scorpion's kiss

Now if u love hip hop baby
Pump Your FIST!!!!!!

GMS: Damn... damn, you talk more than Russel Simmons - but without the millions, You're like the Bishop Don Juan - but without the women, My crew moves like Hasidic Jews - without Religion,
Grindin' like we diggin' with a spoon to get outta prison,


This Culture took years to build, Legendary peers were killed, plenty tears were spilled, Now you wanna grab glory with a backstory?
Your crack story is just a front to attract shorties,

I'm not tryin' to say that your life ain't a movie, it's just that you dudes music don't move me, Just my opinion Dog, so sue me, cause none of you fools got the heart or balls to shoot ME, not only blood but rhymes flow through me, I'm stickin' you clowns for your crowns plus your jewelry, wether you street, back-pack, hood or bougie, Sophisticated B---h or a backstreet floozie,

It's all the same, I'm just findin' my lane, Man, I wasn't drivin' a car - I was landin' a plane, from up above overstandin' the game, got my fans cryin' 'Love' and demandin' a change, because ...

LR BLITZKRIEG: See y'all don't understand the grand workings of the mans mechanics / design team, rhyme scheme serpentine dynamics / but once i throw the switch y'all gonna scream and panic / like 'that mutha fuckka Blitzkrieg's mean, goddamnit' / yes indeed I planned it (I did) / Hydra's the new 'gold standard' and in comparison, y'all average /

Measure my Love for music, have to find a new mode / or add a third numeral to the binary code / tryn'a contain it is insane its liable to explode / military tryn'a get at me for new payloads /

But you paid though, right? / so it don't matter bout the flow? / yeah, whatever man if you say so / so go 'head lean wit it, rock wit' it / but I'm a glock with a beam I'm unlocking and cocking and popin' it /

Love is what we get in the streets / cuz we put it in all the lyrics and Wild Child puts it in all of the beats / Love is appreciating blessing of speech / whether used to teach a lesson or a weapon when addressing some beef / Love is the reason why we do what we do / so if your'e doing what we doing and you ain't loving it, we coming for you!


from The LOVE IS Mixtape, track released February 10, 2013
Lyrics: Wild Child, GMS & LR Blitzkrieg

Produced by Keith "Wild Child" Middleton


all rights reserved



GMS Brooklyn, New York

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